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Heavy legs care

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The ERBAVEN FRESH GEL is a cosmetic product is very rich in active ingredients such as: Rutin, Escin, Bromelin, extracts of Blueberry, aloe, vitamin E, etc., which are traditionally known because of their properties related to the relief and rehabilitation the capillaries. Recommended in case of failure of venous function, pain in the ankles and cramps in the gastrocnemius at the end of the day, capillary fragility, pain and heaviness in the legs. These situations are mainly associated with a poor lifestyle, bad meals, long periods of standing or akinisiass brought about a deterioration of traffic especially in the flat aimoforon and lymphatic capillaries.
Hypoallergenic. Colorants & fragrance free. Dermatologically and microbacteriologically tested.

Apply the gel on the legs and ankles, and especially the gastrocnemius, morning and evening, massage starting from the bottom up until complete absorption.

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