Derma Pella Tone Perfecting Luminous Cream 50g


Tone perfecting cream with ingredients to brighten and hydrate the skin
Can be used on face or any area that needs brightening
Perfect make-up base for a flawless complexion

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Derma Pella Luminous Cream is designed to give the skin an instant glow and a radiant appearance. it is often used as a makeup base or primer, as it provides a smooth and even skin tone for makeup. It also contains ingredients that help to hydrate, nourish, and lightens the skin.

Derma Pella Luminous Cream can be applied on areas that need a brightening effect as neck, elbows, arms, or knees.

-Niacinamide, with skin brightening and hydrating properties
-Vitamin E, softens dry skin
-Adenosine, an effective anti-wrinkle agent
-Beta Glucan, provides intense hydration for the skin

Apply an appropriate amount of Derma Pella cream as a pre-base before applying make-up. For better and even application, pat to promote absorption into the skin.

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