Chicco Well-Being Feeding Bottle 0m+ -150ml- Blue


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The Well-Being line is dedicated to lively mums who are full of energy, careful when choosing SAFE FEEDING BOTTLES but also keen on turning feed-times into an ENJOYABLE AND COLOURFUL occasion. The new Well-Being line stands out immediately thanks to the new Chicco packaging with double window, for the best emphasis on Chicco physiological teat and the brand new graphic design of the bottle.

-Anti-colic valve: removes the risk of any swallowing of air reducing colics, hiccups and reflux.
-Ribbed rings: increase the elasticity and the stretching of the teat simulating the mother’s nipple.
-Broad base: its dimension ensures better labial contact of the child helping him with his suction.
-Ergonomic bottle: allows a handy and easy grip for both child and mother.
-Non drip cap: ideal and safe also when transported.
-Regular Flow. ideal for newborns.

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