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Sugar substitute

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Canderel 100% Sucralose contains only 2 calories per teaspoon, but has a 600 times sweeter than sugar.
Yummy in your cakes on fresh fruit, and dairy products in your hot drinks. The peculiarity of 100% Sucralose. It may be heated to 200 ° C.
This is your perfect companion in the kitchen! It will help you whip up delicious pastries poor in calories.
Canderel 100% Sucralose was even elected Flavor of the Year 2012.

100% Sucralose is very easy to use.
A teaspoon of 100% Sucralose (0.5 g) has the same sweetness as a teaspoon of sugar (5g), but contains only 2 kcal instead of 20!
You use a balance? Remember that 100% Sucralose is 10 times lighter than sugar. If you need 100 g of sugar, for example, it takes only 10 grams of 100% Sucralose.

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