Bios Line Buonerbe Forte 30 tablets


Dietary supplement indicated for intestinal irregularity
With purified Senna extract
With Sennosides, Frangula and vegetable extracts
Gluten Free
Suitable for Vegans
Made in Italy


Buonerbe Forte is a food supplement that contains purified Senna extract titrated with 20% Sennosides, Plum, Cinchona and Chicory, active ingredients that are useful for promoting bowel regularity.

Buonerbe Forte is gluten free and suitable for vegans.

When to use:
-In the event of irregularity and prolonged constipation to ensure rapid action without irritating the intestinal walls
-In case of occasional constipation during trips with changes of climate and habits
-Poor diet

from 1 to 2 tablets a day maximum, taken with a little water or other liquid, preferably in the evening after dinner.

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