Bioclin Deo Intimate Spray 100ml


  • Prevents formation of bad odors in the male and female intimate parts.
  • Provides maximum comfort and day-long protective action.
  • Helps decrease sweat and neutralize odor all day long.
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Bioclin Deo Intimate Spray with delicate fragrance prevents the formation of bad odors in female and male intimate areas and deodorizes for a long time, giving long-lasting freshness and comfort. Pressurized with eco-friendly propellant.

Bioclin Deo Intimate Spray deodorant offers the most comfort and a long shelf life to keep you protected all day long with its new, subtle scent.
It is refreshing and deodorizing without being annoying.
keeps unpleasant odors from developing and leaves a long-lasting, pleasant freshness impression.

Its unique astringent plant compound minimizes perspiration and eliminates unpleasant odors, providing long-lasting deodorization.


Shake well before use. The bottle may be used upside down as well, for easier application.