Bioclin Deo 24H Dry Spray 150 ml


  • For normal perspiration
  • Lightly-scented 24H spray deodorant
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Regulates sweating without altering the natural skin perspiration process
  • Helps control microbial growth on the skin
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Bioclin Deo 24H Dry Spray is a pressurized lightly scented spray that effectively deodorizes throughout the day. It is indicated for normal perspiration and acts on the main causes of unpleasant odor. This product is designed to control the
growth of skin microflora, counteract the enzymatic degradation of sweat and sebum and the secretion of sweat.

Moreover, Bioclin Deo 24H Dry Spray contains xylitol as an active ingredient that helps control bacterial growth, which causes body odor. It also traps in body moisture for hydrating effect. Besides, it is enriched with vitamin E, an anti-oxidant that moisturize, soothe and protect skin. It also helps inhibit the oxidation of sebum components, which is one of the causes of volatile fatty acids and bad odor. Thanks to the aluminum salts, it helps decrease the amount of
sweat secreted.

In addition, this product is convenient and simple to use and it is also pressurized with ecological propellants (butane, propane, isobutane) which do not damage the ozone layer.


  • Fragranced spray for normal prespiration
  • Ensures an effective deodorizing action all day long
  • Enriched with Vitamin E and Xylitol
  • Leaves no residue


Apply an adequate amount of product the product after cleansing. Shake well before use.

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