Beesline Whitening Eye Contour Cream 30ml


-For the delicate skin around the eye
-Suitable for sensitive skin
-Firming and Moisturizing
-For a radiant irresistible look
-Exhibit Whitening and Antioxidant properties


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Beesline Whitening Eye Cream brightens and soothes the eye contour to reduce the appearance of age spots, fine lines and signs of fatigue. In addition to that, it protects the skin from aging and stress.


-Used mainly for skin around the eye
-Suitable for sensitive skin
-Day and Night Care
-Moisturizer and whitening agent


-UV filter system
-Aloe Vera, Rose Petals and Cucumber Extract
-White sapphire powder


Beesline Whitening Eye Cream is used in the morning and before bedtime. Apply on closed eyes for 10 minutes, by adding 2 knobs of cream on cotton pads. Keep in refrigerator.

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