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BBT Teeth Whitening Strips removes tough stains from coffee, wine, smoking, etc..
BBT Teeth Whitening Strips includes 14 whitening treatments, each with upper and lower strips.

-Innovative breakthrough Design
-Oxygen activation technology
-New whitening formula 6% hydrogen peroxide
-Immediate visible results
-Maximum results reached after 7 days
-Comfortable and easy to use
-Enamel safe

Directions for use:
Step1: Preparation
Tear open foil package. Remove strip with dry hands and peel away from backing

Step2: Application
Locking in a mirror, fit lower strip applying sticky gel side against your teeth. Line up with edge of gum and apply gentle pressure to mold the strip securely to the teeth. Fold remaining strip behind the teeth to keep in place. Repeat with upper strip.

Step3: Reveal whiter teeth
After 20 minutes peel strips off and rinse your mouth revealing shiny, whiter teeth. Dispose of strips. Repeat twice daily.

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