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ANDROLISTICA® is the nutritional complement specially formulated for mature men, in the 45/50 range and up, to help them protect themselves from premature aging. ANDROLISTICA® furnishes specific fatty acids, phytosterols, Omega 3 elements found in saltwater fish, pro-vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants, exclusively from natural sources. These selected nutriments have undergone studies underlining their capacity to protect the organism from premature aging.

Contributes to nutritional pre and post andropause support
Provides Omega 3+6+9 and natural anti-aging vitamin E
Helps to boost men vitality

Cold presed first grade marrow seed oil: these specific vegetal sterols possess a structure very close to natural steroidal sexual hormones and are traditionally used as a nutritional supplement for men, particularly those reaching or older than 50. Since ancient Egypt, marrow seeds have been used to prepare Mastahaleb, a highly-nutritious recipe destined to provide men with strength and vitality and that also refreshes them and stimulates urination.

Non hydrogenated palm nut oil: selected for its naturally high level of lauric acid, a medium-chain fatty acid, non-hydrogenated palm nut oil is also a source of cell-protecting tocotrienols. Palm fruit phytosterols are traditionally used to protect cellular membranes, notably at prostate level.

Fresh onion concentrate: rich in organic-sulfuric nutriments, in flavonoids and various anti-oxidants, this onion extract obtained from the concentrated juice of fresh raw onions, combats oxidizing of the phytosterols that it provides conjointly and also contributes to the saving of cellular membranes, and to the protection of capillaries.         

Omega 3 rich saltwater fish oil: it has been established that saltwater fish oil rich in Omega 3 and specifically in EPA and DHA participates in maintaining good blood circulation and contributes to the neuron equilibrium in fatty acids. Today, new studies have highlighted the preventive role of those Omega 3 acids at prostate cell level.

AGL rich borage oil: Gamma linolenic acid is known for its role in tissue flexibility due to its function of Prostaglandin E1 precursor that combats Prostaglandin E2 (activated by animal fat). The highest concentrations of gamma linolenic acid are found in borage oil (twice that of onager oil). With age, synthesis of gamma linolenic acid diminishes in the organism, reducing the normal level of cell renewal; it is consequently recommended to supplement that reduction through nutrition. Borage oil is also rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids which, in association with the other fatty acids participating in this formula, constitute a natural source of sterols that are precursors to sexual hormones and to DHEA. We recall that those hormones within the organism are composed of sterols.

Whole yam extract (Dioscorea): rich in enzymes, diosgenin, and dioscoretin that participate in the metabolism of lipids, Yam extract contributes to the correct transformation of sterols into steroids, principally expressed in men as testosterone, at the end of the lipid transformation chain.
Sea cabbage:  this green seaweed supplies, principally, the minerals and trace elements that participate in the enzymatic functions invoked for the protection of tissues against aging.
Carotene and vitamins from vegetal sources: extracted from Dunaliella seaweed, this natural carotene is a particularly useful anti-oxidant, when associated with natural-source vitamin E, to prevent oxidation of phytosterols and enable them to reach, intact, their nutritional target in the organism. Furthermore, these precursors of vitamin  A also contribute to the protection of the membranes in the organism’s cells. Recent works also highlight their role in protection of the ocular sphere (at macula level))

 Recommended doses:
From 50 to 60 years of age: 2 capsules per day during meals, 3 weeks per month;
From 60and above: 3 capsules per day, 3 weeks per months


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