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Aderma Ultra-Rich Cleansing Bar 100g


  • Particularly suitable for dry skin
  • Gently cleanse your skin
  • Creamier and more foaming
  • Its formula ultra-enriched in emollients, contains Shea Butter
  • Prevents the skin from tightening after the shower

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Aderma Ultra-Rich Cleansing Bar is a dermatological toilet bar specifically developed for the daily hygiene of sensitive, irritated, hyper-reactive and dry skin. Furthermore, its very soft hypoallergenic cleansing base preserves the natural balance of the skin. Additionally, Surgras oat milk bread provides suppleness and softness while strengthening the skin’s protective barrier. Moreover, its formula is ultra-rich with emollients such as Shea butter for skin that no longer feels tight after showering. Also, the texture of this super-rich bread is creamy and frothy. In addition it protects the hydrolipidic film and leaves a protective film on the skin. And it has a sweet and pleasant scent.

How to use: 

Lather your Aderma Ultra-Rich Cleansing Bar on damp skin. Then rinse thoroughly with clean water.

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