Wassen International has been committed in providing nutritional supplements of the highest quality for over 35 years globally.
The portfolio of products contains a thoughtfully formulated range, containing research proven ingredients and strictly adheres to Good Manufacturing Practice standards.
In theory, a varied well-balanced diet should provide all the daily nutrients necessary for good health but, in reality, this is often not the case. The fast paced world in which we live and work continues to take its toll. Food sourcing and farming methods affect the vital intake of minerals. Additionally the effects of pollution and an increasing reliance on convenience foods, can affect the daily intake of vital nutrients. Regular supplementation with vitamins and minerals can help to maintain essential nutrient levels within the body.
Wassen Research remains the cornerstone for all Wassen supplements. Nutrition is a comparatively new science and new studies continue to build on the understanding of the way in which nutrients, or lack of them, play a role in our lives. Relying on sound scientific studies to provide the guidance for ingredients, the products contain synergistic combinations of nutrients that help consumers address their health concerns. Wassen is constantly seeking to develop new innovative supplements to aid all lifestyle stages.
In 2011 Wassen International and Efamol Biosciences Limited was acquired by Vital Health Foods, the largest South African manufacturer of healthy products. This international partnership enables the continuation of developing healthier nutrition, ensuring it is easily accessible and as convenient as possible.

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