Everything started in 1931 when Dr. Haller discovered the therapeutic virtues of Vichy Thermal Spa Water. The water was so powerful it helped heal lesions. Convinced that healthy skin is the true source of beauty, Dr. Haller had the idea of incorporating this water into cosmetic formulations.
A real visionary, Dr. Haller was convinced that skin was a vital organ. Despite the fact that during his time, skin was generally considered a simple outer shell for the body, Dr. Haller believed it was necessary to apply all the rigour of medical research to skincare development.
From its creation, Dr. Haller`s Vichy Dermatological Hygiene Society (VDHS) had objectives never before seen in the cosmetic industry: clinical proofs of efficacy and tolerance, application of the advances in skin physiology and research into new active ingredients.
The Vichy Secrets product line is an example of the dermocosmetic approach for it is the first comprehensive range of creams adapted for each unique skin type.
Our laboratories have become a hub for experts in dermatology, nutrition, biology and pharmacy. Their conviction? It is possible to improve beauty though advancements in medical research. Everyday, the wealth of their knowledge inspires our product formulators in the creation of the products for tomorrow.
Vichy’s history is filled with major innovations inspired by the improvement of beauty through scientific progress. The examples are numerous. Vichy created the first anti-wrinkle cream, the first anti-cellulite care, the first anti-imperfection care for adult women….
Additionally to this, Vichy has been engaged in major educational campaigns all over the world. Campaigns such as The Sun School sensitized children and their parents about the sun and its effects, while the Vichy Skin Health Centres provided public the access to professional skin diagnostics. Both of these actions helped the public better understand their skin in order to take proper care of it.

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