STÉRIMAR, nasal cleansing that suits every nose type, in complete safety. STÉRIMAR is a preservative-free, 100 % natural solution of sea water rich in with trace elements.

STÉRIMAR isotonic sea water sprays from Laboratoires FUMOUZE – SOFIBEL protect our “nasal assets” by efficiently cleansing nasal passages without harming the nasal mucosa.

STÉRIMAR hypertonic sea water spray efficiently decongests blocked noses.

STÉRIMAR nasal sprays can be used by all the family in complete safety because they are based on proven technology that preserves the qualities of the sea water while protecting it from contamination.

The specially designed STÉRIMAR nozzle produces a microdiffusion effect, gently delivering a fine spray of droplets to guarantee optimum penetration of the active ingredients in the sea water.

STÉRIMAR nasal solutions, used for daily hygiene, as a preventive, or for colds, allergic rhinitis or blocked nose, or in a polluted environment, instantly make breathing more comfortable.

Good nasal hygiene with STÉRIMAR makes breathing easier and helps prevent colds, rhinitis, rhinopharyngitis and sinusitis.

In Additional cleaning the nose STÉRIMAR Anti-irritation Cream.
NEW for Infants and babies STÉRIMAR baby : Paediatric nasal cleaner for unblocking your child’s nose daily and STERIMAR Baby 10 disposable nozzles in case of nasal congestion (to prevent from cross-infections).

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