Moritz Ganzoni-Sträuli
Founder of the company, talented gymnast. In 1864, he and his business partner Niklaus Barthelts (1837–1891) formed a congenital leadership duo, thus laying a solid foundation for all the following generations. He deepened his mercantile schooling by staying abroad, e. g. in Egypt.

Professionalism, Quality, Individuality.
SIGVARIS manufactures medical compression garments for the most discerning customers around the world. Our Swiss quality standards are evident in all areas..
Highly qualified employees for high-quality products
The high level of quality offered by SIGVARIS begins with our employees and is based on the principle of “give and take”. On the one hand, we require our employees to demonstrate commitment, initiative and dedication. On the other hand, we support our employees with a wealth of training and motivational measures. After all, only those who demonstrate complete professionalism on a daily basis can fulfil the Swiss quality requirements of the SIGVARIS brand on a permanent basis.
Production means precision
To ensure we maintain a high level of quality over the long term, all SIGVARIS stockings originate from our own production plants. Here they are manufactured with a high level of technical expertise and craftsmanship. Each and every employee is committed to ensuring that SIGVARIS stockings and tights offer quality of life on a daily basis.
The perfect stocking for every occasion
SIGVARIS stockings and tights exist in various models, in all compression classes and in a host of attractive colours. Our range is as individual as our customers.
Whether you’re looking for standard or customised garments, SIGVARIS has the perfect stocking for every occasion. Our product portfolio is as diverse as life itself – from transparent, silky softness to snug comfort, and from a pure cotton feel to traditional top-quality compression.

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