For over 50 years, the family business Ortis develops, manufactures and distributes phyto products.

ORTIS Laboratories have been created in 1958 by Adolphe Horn and Irene. Today, it is their children Michel, Philippe and their daughter Solange who manage. Ortis is the fruit of a family commitment to strong values: a deep respect for human beings and nature, competence and motivation of its employees, profitability seen as a guarantee of continuity of the business and jobs created, impeccable service to its customers through active listening to users of its products, and flawless quality.

In 1958, Adolphe Horn had the idea to put in bottles, the use of all revenues collected in the family tradition, or gleaned over his research in libraries. Did he know that by creating Ortis, he helped to lay the foundations of modern herbal medicine?

Today, ORTIS products are distributed in 37 countries.

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