Born from the creativity and intuition of visionary passionate nature and always looking to sublimate the beauty of women, Onagrine created over 30 years of exceptional treatments combining naturalness, performance and fun to use. Inspired by nature, women ONAGRINE sublime beauty.
From the selection of the most valuable plants, ONAGRINE has extracted active molecules, charged with vital force. True beauty tanks, these plants are used to offer women perfectly balanced care between naturalness and effectiveness. The combination of scientific mastery, know-how of the best galéniciens and renowned perfumers creativity allows Onagrine Laboratories to offer unique treatments that leave an unforgettable signature on your skin.
The textures silky feel are enhanced by subtle and refined scents, for every care becomes a moment of pleasure and well-being intense.
The Onagrine care are designed to sublimate women, all women.
They will capture the essence of the woman and magnify whatever their lifestyle, age, style …
Onagrine is an ode to femininity and natural beauty.
Onagrine reveals your sublime nature.

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