The team at Omegagenics knows organic vitamins, minerals, supplements and snacks as well as anyone, anywhere. We hope we will earn your trust as a partner in taking control of your health and wellness goals.
In-depth interviews of our customers over the years (we’ve been in business for more than 20) reveal a number of overlapping motivations people have for taking vitamins and supplements overall, buying organic foods, and seeking organic vitamins and supplements:
A desire to protect their own health and that of their families
An objective to expose their children to the best nutrition possible to build the strongest minds and bodies
A goal of enhancing their health and wellness in a particular area, or to address a particular complaint organically
A desire for a longer life
Concerns about or aversion to synthetically created or processed food, and/or over-the-counter medicines
A need for to improve compromised health in ways that do not have detrimental side effects
A desire to tap into non-Western medicine or practices to compliment Western approaches and traditional medicine

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