The expert brand of pest control
History pharmacy brand founded in 1934, Rose Marie was bought in 1997 by the Health Laboratories Juva to make the expert brand of pesticides sold in supermarkets and hypermarkets .
Today high of 80% brand awareness and over 75 years of expertise, tradition Marie Rose is passed from generation to generation to help you fight against parasites everyday.

The values ​​of Marie Rose

  • Quality: products recognized for their quality and to fight against parasites
  • Complicity : products for the well-being of the entire family
  • tradition: a reputation that is passed from generation to generation

The Mary Rose missions
Accomplices moms have always Mary Rose products are intended to fight against parasites for the convenience of families:

  • expert lice, it is the best partner for moms to eradicate lice that plague upon the head of their children, and throughout the year.
  • specialist mosquitoes, is an accomplice of the entire family for a summer without mosquitoes.

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