Our company, Life Science Investments Ltd (LSI) was incorporated in United Kingdom in 1999. Its founders had a long background in Dermatology, and used it to develop a company with a global vision in skin care.

In medicine, and more especially in Dermatology, there are still lots of unmet needs, i.e. disorders for which there is no satisfactory response for the dermatologist and his/her patients.
Our goal is exploring these unmet needs in a close relationship with the practitioners, and developing innovative products fitting with their necessities.
Most of LSI’s products are patented and have the advantage of a strong protection in terms of intellectual property.

Any product launched by LSI is backed by serious and published clinical trials, able to demonstrate its efficacy and safety.
For us, a new product must not only be innovative, but also bring an extra benefit to the patient, compared with already existing products.

“Primum non nocere” is a major motto in medicine.
Further to be active, a dermatological product must be totally safe for the patient.
Most of treatments have side effects which make their benefit doubtful, especially on long periods of time.
We in LSI strongly believe that an adequate dermatological treatment must be safe.

Our faith is in vegetal active ingredients:
We are certain at LSI that nature, especially plants, can bring us resources permitting to treat almost any kind of skin disorder.
The matter is not translating folk medicine to Dermatology, but our commitment is rather in identifying the right active ingredient from the right plant, and making sure that we are able to reproduce the same quality batch after batch.
We never use in our formulations any ingredient from animal origin, and try to avoid as far as possible the use of synthetic components.

Swiss Quality:
“Made in Switzerland” is more than a simple label of origin.
It is a guarantee to customers that they are purchasing a product of outstanding quality and reliability.
All LSI products are produced in a brand-new GMP factory equipped with ultimate plant.
This factory is located in Aigle (Canton de Vaud) whilst our Logistics facilities are located in St-Maurice (Valais).

Global vision:
Along years, we developed our distribution network on six continents, all over the world.
This is a matter of pride for LSI, having pharmaceutical partners in more than 70 countries, where our products are professionally promoted to physicians, and sold exclusively through pharmaceutical channels.
We intend to have the best partners everywhere, and one word has a very special meaning for us: ethics.

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