Leosons International is a forthright and honest organization and adheres to the highest ethical standards of business conduct and protects the best interest of its employees, customers, and the community.
Since our inception in 1980, we have grown and continue to grow as an organization providing solutions for pharmaceutical and medical needs. Our head office is located in Albany, New York, USA. Additionally, we have a sales office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates as well as a distribution centre located in Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai, UAE. Leosons International is one of the leading and most preferred providers of Pharmaceuticals, OTC products, Biotechnology and Specialty Drugs, and Medical Equipment. Our business is widespread over 6 continents, however, our focus is the MEA (Middle East and Africa) region.
We make it our business to exceed our customers expectations every day and use our product knowledge and industry expertise to deliver the highest quality message to the market. We are the exclusive distributors of all the goods we sell, specializing in supplying unique products to the international markets we service. Leosons International offers world-class Pharmaceuticals, OTC products, Biotechnology and Specialty Drugs, and Medical Equipment products and services and a wide variety of name brand products serving customers who come from various sectors of the economy, including government hospitals, private hospitals, private clinics, pharmacies and hypermarkets.
We also provide marketing material for use in medical detailing, documentation for regulatory approvals, and other commercial support to various distributors in the markets we currently service.
As a leading distributor of pharmaceutical products, we ensure to provide the latest, best quality goods from around the world. Our progressive and disciplined corporate culture, collaborated with the hard-working and committed staff members, reflects Leosons Internationals success.

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