This story begins in 1984 in a small laboratory. Alice, works as a chemist on the development of a shampoo based on fruit acids. After testing several days her shampoo she realized that the forehead, an area close to the scalp, his skin seemed sharper, less oily.
Alice and her friends researchers set to work to determine the origin of this sublime action. The results showed that Piroctone Olamine was responsible for this beneficial effect on the skin. It was after this accidental discovery but nevertheless promising that Biorga laboratory, decided to develop original formulations based Piroctone Olamine to help acne-prone skins.
Thus was born HYFAC care for young skin. A simple, effective range, with recognized assets:
AHA (fruit acids) that reduce the formation of blackheads and microkystes.
Piroctone Olamine which decreases inflammation by affecting the growth of bacteria and yeasts present in the sebaceous gland.
But beware, as on AHA: too dosed product has a negative effect on your acne, conversely too little dosed product does not work. It is in this that the distinction of HYFAC. Each product is precisely dosed for skin with acne tendencies.
But Hyfac is also: be aware that acne can be difficult to live with, it occurs to adolescence and takes time to leave. Acne is a disease requiring comprehensive care with good products but also with an appropriate lifestyle. Therefore Hyfac helps you understand your illness.
With an experienced team of dermatologists, pharmacists and youth, Moulin Royal Cosmetics Laboratory intend to buy HYFAC in 2012. Not only to give new life to this strong range of a history of over 30 years, but also by the firm belief that the assets in these products are more relevant than ever, and highly effective in the treatment of skin with acne tendencies.

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