The story starts in 1944 when Crinos Industria Farmacobiologica S.p.A.was founded in Como, Italy, with the aim of searching and developing prescription drugs, while it later engaged into the development of innovative cosmetic products.
In the mid-1960s a research on arteriosclerosis, lead to the discovery of Tricosaccaride®, the first substance that stimulated hair growth.
This discovery, in turn, lead to a series of studies that identified the main active ingredient for the treatment against hair loss. This active, was patented under the name Tricosaccaride® and is considered the cornerstone of the Foltène®PHARMA brand.
In the 1980s, the brand gained remarkable awareness in various international markets, making Foltène®PHARMA a synonym to Anti-Hair loss in many parts of the world and increasingly gained the best credentials in the Anti-Hair loss segment.
The company continued to heavily invest in R&D through the years that followed, until Tricalgoxyl®, a new active ingredient was developed and once more patented by Foltène®PHARMA.
In 2005 Foltène®PHARMA was acquired by P.N.Gerolymatos S.A. and at present the company is part of the Gerolymatos International Group of companies. Following a recent restructuring, Foltène®PHARMA, rationalized its international export and marketing activities, which have now been centralized in the International Division of Gerolymatos International S.A. in Athens-Greece, while the Manufacturing, Procurement and QC remain in Milano – Italy. These changes in Foltène®PHARMA set the basis for further global expansion while preserving the undisputed quality of Foltène®PHARMA’s product range.

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