BroadMed is a complete service pharmaceutical distribution company licensed to provide regulatory support, market access services, and commercialization solutions. BroadMed is a privately held company with headquarters in Beirut, Lebanon and operations throughout 20 MENA region countries.  Our service model includes direct distribution, distribution via partners, and tendering.
A majority of existing organization that distribute pharmaceutical and medical products in the MENA region are limited to wholesale distribution undertakings without capabilities for regulatory affairs and product commercialization. At BroadMed we have the ability to take both pharmaceutical and medical devices through the complete cycle of product registration to sales and marketing in 20 countries in the MENA region. each product undergoes thorough scientific assessment to assure its therapeutically value in each MENA country.
Our strategic and adaptive business model gives our clients a complete solution for product commercialization throughout MENA countries. We lead all segments of the regulatory process from preparation of the dossier, submission, and final approval to gain marketing, pricing and reimbursement approval. Our team consists of physicians, PhDs and pharmacists giving us comprehensive pharmacovigilance and medical affairs capabilities, the ability to address needs of the medical community and work effectively with regulatory bodies in the region.
It is our goal to optimize the commercial value of our products using selective accessible resources including a network of distribution partners, key opinion leading physicians, and healthcare facilities throughout the MENA region. Our business solutions are managed by customized solutions for complete logistics and financial operations, independent procurement and warehousing solutions, dynamic forecast assessment and risk management, and integrated operational activities with our clients. All business activities are founded on ethical business practices, transparency, financial optimization and consciousness, markey competitiveness, and community needs.

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