An Innovating Tradition
BIOES created its first products in 1970.  The development of an initial solvent heralded the BIOVISOL® nail-care range.  This product line quickly expanded to include a nail hardener, which was subsequently followed by numerous skin care products that contributed to the BIOES success story.

BIOES, An Innovative Laboratory
Thanks to its active research, BIOES offers over 150 high-quality reference products for the face, lips, mouth, skin, bleaching, depilation, the nails, feminine hygiene and tone.  Children’s products are also available.

Bioes dedicates its research and its range of dermo-cosmetic and hygiene products as well as food supplements to active women of today who want to stay as one with their body.
Available only from pharmacies and chemist’s shops, the BIOES products are based on the quality of advice generated by a network currently encompassing over 5,000 sales points in France.
The BIOES Laboratory is continuing to strike partnership agreements with other laboratories.  The latter will entrust the distribution of their product ranges in France to Bioes.
The BIOES Laboratory has witnessed dynamic growth on the international stage. The BIOES ranges are nowadays distributed in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America.

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