Bio Secure is a brand that is committed through the repositories of Ecocert and Cosmebio charter. It was designed in compliance with the requirements of the Natural and Organic Cosmetic and ensure compliance and beauty of all skin types.

Our cosmetics and hygiene products are labeled “Natural and Organic Cosmetic” certified by Ecocert. Ecocert is a control and certification body accredited by the French state whose primary mission is to deliver products to a certificate guaranteeing compliance . strict specifications on culture procedures, packaging, quality, origin and traceability Thus the formulation of a cosmetic product certified by Ecocert implies that:

100% of raw materials are in compliance with the European Directive and Ecocert
Least 95% of the total ingredients are of natural origin (Bio Secure products contain at least 97%)
Least 95% of the plant are from Organic Agriculture
Minimum 10% of the total ingredients are from Organic Agriculture
Ecocert certification guarantees:

GMO-free products, no dyes or synthetic fragrances, no parabens or phenoxyethanol, no material derived from petrochemicals (excluding preservatives authorized by Ecocert), silicone
compliance with environmental protection measures (sorting, discharge treatment, prohibition of the use of aggressive cleaning agents …)
processes of transformation and clean production throughout the production process
the prohibition to conduct tests and experiments on animals
control of the labeling clearly indicating the percentage of natural ingredients and the organic ingredients. Proof of certification results in the presence of the name “Ecological and Organic Cosmetics – Certified by Ecocert Greenlife” and the wallet Ecocert logo.
Certification evidence resulted in the issuance of a certificate for each product.

All our products are also certified Cosmébio.

Cosmébio is a French professional association engaged in the natural and organic cosmetics which aims to guarantee products whose ingredients are natural or of natural origin and primarily from Organic Agriculture.

The Cosmébio Charter requires compliance with a strict specifications for products, people and the environment.

Bio Secure assets are selected with great care to provide you welfare and efficiency. Its natural fragrances, lightness and fluidity of its textures provide daily well-being for the care of the whole family.

Each product Bio Secure is made in the context of a comprehensive approach to respect and protect the environment.

Choose Bio Secure care is choosing safety and respect.

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