In 1993, It all started when a 21 year old chemist freshly graduated from AUB(American University of Beirut), decided to start his own project in the cosmetic field. He started mixing creams for his mother and her friends with the help of his sister (PhD in Pharmaceutical studies) in a tiny room in the family apartment.
In 1994, Based on heavy research in apitherapy, the medicinal use of honey bee products, the now famous Beesline beeswax LIP CARE was born. The product quickly found great success, with its natural/edible ingredients.
In 1998, The overwhelming success of the first few products went to the elaboration of whole lines of care, literally from head to toes! Made from the best natural ingredients found in this resource-rich Mediterranean region, Beesline products are paraben, silicone and paraffin free, never tested on animals.
Since the year 2000 Beesline instituted a state-of-the-art R&D department, with lab scientists working constantly on elaborating formulas that help develop a healthy skin & hair.
Today, Beesline aims to propose the highest quality care, to solve the most difficult skin problems, by offering different product lines for every type of skin or needed results.

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