Badgaish Lebanese Co. (BALC) worked since its establishment in 2004 on introducing innovative products, manufactured by natural herbal extracts with distinguished properties, suitable for all ages and all skin types with affordable prices to segregate itself from other products in the market.
We selected the word Correction as our brand name in the sense of correcting skin, body and hair problems using only natural and herbal extracts to execute this skin repair.
We selected top of the line ingredients for Correction brand from local and European sources with distinguished rating to boost the efficiency and effectiveness of Correction products in a record time
We considered the end consumer safety and efficiency as our main criteria for manufacturing our brand, before presenting it to the markets, because what matter most for us is public safety.

Our vision
Developing high quality, natural, innovative products with distinguished properties.
Increase our market share in the segment of cosmetic care products in our existing markets to become the first choice of users and to break into new markets in the whole world.

Our Mission
Met the desires, needs and expectations of end users, pharmacists and distributors with high-quality cosmetic products.
Correction is a synonym for a natural, effective, safe, trustworthy and environment-friendly brand.

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