BackHeat 1 Piece


Non-medicated back pain heat relief

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BackHeat is clinically-proven to relieve backaches and pains. BackHeat is designed to bend to fit the contours of your back with extended heat distribution across it’s wings so that you get maximum comfort and relief.

-Fast & Effective:
Provides quick relief as it heats up to a therapeutic temperature
-Comfortable Design:
bend to fit the contours of your back
Perfect to use in the office & goes well with your favorite perfume
-Soft on Skin:
Medical grade adhesive for maximum comfort
-Long Lasting:
For all-day relief using 100% natural heat

-Starts heating up within 5 minutes for quick relief.
-Convenient to use anytime of the day, lasts 12 hrs
-Designed to fit for maximum comfort

How to use:
1. Tear open packaging. Upon contact with air, BackHeat will heat up on its own.
2. Peel and paste onto your back, starting from the middle of the patch, then out to the two sides.
3. After every hour of use, remove product for at least 5 mins to let your skin rest. Prolnged contact with low heat may cause burns.

Do not use
-directly on skin while sleeping
-with a tight waist band/belt or apply strong pressure on product
-if product is torn or damaged, or if contacts leak
-on areas around wounds, rashes, damaged skin, face, where medication or other forms of heat have been applied
-on people unable to follow all use instructions or remove the product
-while undergoing any MRI OR X-ray procedures
-in microwave, attempt to reheat or place near heating elements as product may catch fire